The Exo'luXion in Malaysia 2016
 20160409 @ 1:12 pm | 0 comment(s)

IT'S HERE! The long awaited post for The EXO'luXion in Malaysia. As you may or may not have known, I went to see EXO last March 12. I saw my baby noodles in person, finally. And it still feels so surreal. A few months back, it was just a dream. And it happened ;A; This is my take on the event and I am going to write this in detail, as complete as I can muster. I don't wanna leave anything behind! So here goes.

This is gonna be quite long and photo-heavy because I don't intend on separating it into parts. Let me bring you every step of the way u_u It's rather long overdue but better late than never right? <I'm listening to my TEL audio recording as I type this so I might be overly emotional as I am overcame with remembrance>


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