The Exo'luXion in Malaysia 2016
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IT'S HERE! The long awaited post for The EXO'luXion in Malaysia. As you may or may not have known, I went to see EXO last March 12. I saw my baby noodles in person, finally. And it still feels so surreal. A few months back, it was just a dream. And it happened ;A; This is my take on the event and I am going to write this in detail, as complete as I can muster. I don't wanna leave anything behind! So here goes.

This is gonna be quite long and photo-heavy because I don't intend on separating it into parts. Let me bring you every step of the way u_u It's rather long overdue but better late than never right? <I'm listening to my TEL audio recording as I type this so I might be overly emotional as I am overcame with remembrance>

To say that I love EXO is an understatement at best. I am not the kind of person who spends money recklessly (especially not on other people). But when the ticket prices were released it only took me over night to make up my mind. I was sceptical at first but then I told myself that I didn't want to regret not taking my chances when it's laid out right in front of me. And I'm glad I listened to myself this time around.

I left on Friday 11/03 (rushing back to my dorm after programming lab which I also rushed through so I can get my lab stuff done on time lol) with Iffa though we went on different airlines then met up at KLIA2. Then we took a bus to KL Sentral that took over an hour because of traffic (in which we spent talking about the kpop world lol) before taking a monorail to Hang Tuah. We spent like half an hour (or more I don't even know) going back and forth trying to find our hotel only to find out it was across the road (don't trust your gps so much, friends). And get this: our hotel was so close to the venue that we can hear EXO's song playing during soundcheck right at the hotel entrance! It made us stop in our tracks just to take it all in. That night I also finally met Ecot whom I've only known through Twitter. I was the youngest out of the five of us (this never happened before honestly) and all the other girls were my seniors from Foundation and we bonded through EXO isn't that beautiful? I'm glad we hit it off nicely :D

TEL MY squad

We woke up at 6am (it was still dark in that part of the country whereas in KK it would've been past sunrise) on 12/03 with multiple alarms going off at once (we were that excited can you tell). We queued as early as 8am and even then there were quite a lot of people already. I regret not pre-ordering any fankits though they were actually really nice. I did get the Love/Hate BaekSoo hand fan on D-Day because the fanart was so cute I couldn't resist. I even got free KaiSoo stickers twice mwhahaha. There were giveaways I lined up for like a pack of Lay's chips and Lay hand banner from LUMY, a Kai hand banner Emy and Dila got for all of us, bookmarks from Ecot, and a cute fanart photo card from a random kind soul <3. Also the white hand banner from SSU for the Sing For You project (which was a HUGE success!). I also regret not lining up for the PCY giveaway. I learned from my mistakes though. Next time I'm gonna be prepared!

Stuff I collected from the concert :)

There were two gates, ours was the green gate (for CAT4 and CAT5) which I am so thankful for the many trees around us. By midday they started rehearsals and then everyone sang along and got excited it was such a nice feeling. We started to queue in front of the gates at 3pm and there was nothing to shield us from the harsh sun (I got a little bit tanned even with all the protection I could manage to get my hands on). But then it started to rain. Heavily. At least my poncho came to good use even though I was soaked from below my knees.

temporary tattoos Iffa passed around <3

SSU handbanner fan project ["we are happy to love you virtuously"]

rain and crazy crowd :|

And then our queue basically disappeared. If you've read other blogs, you'd know that everyone were quite angry with the ticket queue management but I'm not going to elaborate on that. I hope the organisers learned their lessons - never underestimate the EXO-L crowd. We entered the stadium at 6.30pm and decided (based on experiences with movie theatres and since our tickets were for free seating) that it was better to get the upper-middle seats for the best view - and we were correct. We had to use our ponchos to cover the drenched seats and it was HOT but EXO made up for that.

The stage was literally half of the football field (I heard the proposed stage was even bigger)

The concert was delayed for around 10 minutes, I think to make way for attendees who was still yet to get in the stadium (again, management, I am disappointed). Even then, there were still people filing in as they started to play the opening VCR. And then the boys FINALLY came out with the glorified golden jackets, dear God. They started with Overdose before History and El Dorado though the jackets didn't even make it to History - because it's hot. It's the hottest I have ever felt in my whole life living in this country. They were so caring though, kept telling everyone to drink lots of water (I mean excuse me, the only other person who told me to drink a lot these days is my mom). But I'm glad they were happy and that they had a great time despite complaining a lot about the heat.

Firework during Playboy (cr:

After the short greetings they proceeded with Don't Go and Playboy. The interesting part was that there was a random firework during that Playboy. Apparently (and I just found out about this yesterday) it wasn't a part of the stage. There was some company having a celebration and they set of the fireworks. Even the boys were surprised! But it blended so well with the purple lights from the stage and the glorious silver ocean. I cannot emphasise enough on how beautiful it was, especially our silver ocean (I got goosebumps from typing that out omg). And help me God BaekSoo's couple dance was right in front of us. I may have lost a couple years of my youth. Too bad SeKai was at the other side. But then Baby Don't Cry happened with Sehun at our side of the stage. Wet SeKai everyone, need I say more? Baekhyun played on a moving piano during My Answer right after that. I laughed that it was used to pick up Suho. I find that funny, I'm sorry. B's playing is very nice btw.

If you haven't seen the My Turn To Cry VCR (though IDK why you haven't), I'd advice you to not do it. I have seen it countless times already, yet I still lose my mind every single time. It doesn't help my overly imaginative mind that they're so overly handsome and that the VCR was so overly cheesy. And then they came out in dark red suits for The Star, Exodus and Hurt. To this day, I still cannot find the most suitable word to describe their dancing and singing. It's to the point where I question whether I was watching a live concert or a pre-recorded music show.

You'd be lying if you said the Peterpan VCR wasn't adorable. Please. I squeal every freaking time. Peterpan through XOXO, Lucky and 3.6.5 is such an adorable stage. Chanyeol made SuChen kiss though Iffa and I (being avid KaiSoo shippers) basically shouted for KaiSoo but Chanyeol isn't exactly an expert when it comes to ships so we'll take what we can get. They sang the Chinese ver of Lucky and I had my doubts about the changing on stage because lol conservatives and holier-than-thous but it happened MANSE! Suho was showing off his guns and then Kyungsoo tore off the paper to show Suho's abs. Kyungsoo was super cute that night, I swear. Then KaiSoo happened during 3.6.5 T_T WHO ALLOWED THEM TO BE THAT SICKENINGLY ADORABLE.

Also. Kim Junmyeon's cheesiness is no joke, top it off with his English (it's really good okay it's not Engrish). And obviously Chanyeol did his reading about Kuala Lumpur (PCY's voice is very deep guys omg). Then Suho made everyone say Merry Christmas in the middle of March. I don't even celebrate Xmas in the first place and I still sing their Xmas song throughout the year (for two whole years already wtf). The things I do for these guys, seriously. BaekChenLay also sang MID in Chinese. I'm glad all those hours of trying to memorise the Chinese ver would pay off in some way :') Then there was a short chanting for Zhang Yixing.

The next stage is my most favourite - Full Moon > Machine > Drop That > Let Out The Beast > Run. They made everyone stand up and asked for us to jump at the beginning. Minseok mentioned how we sang along to every song (it's no exaggeration, we did sing along to each and every one) and that we were so passionate. There was some confusion going on when PCY and Xiumin tried to lead everyone to say "wanbyeokhan areumdaum". It's kinda funny now that I look back at it. They were also in the classic black and white suit and tie get up GDI. And I've always had this idea of DJ!PCY in my head after seeing a picture of him in that hexagonal thing with the headphones and then I finally saw it live *cries*. I jumped and sang along with reckless abandon guys. I even managed to hit someone's head with the lighstick that I was swinging back and forth. I am so sorry to that poor soul. They turned the whole stadium into a freaking night club (though I've never really been to one so I can't really be the judge of that) and with the multi coloured LED finger project for Drop That between the silver ocean, it was a rave. I love the siren sounds at the beginning of LOTB and the transition to Run. Also Baek's (I think it was him, IDK) "Thank you Malaysia" at the end.

After that night club stage they showed a VCR which gave everyone enough time to get down from that high before EXO came on stage again for Call Me Baby. We basically failed in the fanchanting department but we aced the singing along. We even nailed the Dubstep Intro. Chen and B's high note? No problemo. Growl in Mandarin? No worries. Malaysian EXO-Ls are daebak. Also Suho made a joke about the heat with a song from their CF but nobody got it so he ended up saying "I'm sorry". He continued being a cheeseball asking us if we wanna come back with them to Seoul before they start singing Love Me Right.

And then everyone started the SFY project. We were supposed to sing the chorus and hold up the banner (the white one) during the Promise VCR but it was taking too long and I was starting to fear the concert has ended but it didn't. I admit my singing started to falter halfway through but everyone else was still singing that it made me sing again. It's kind like how people try to bring you up when you feel down, you know. Then during the VCR everyone started chanting We Are One over and over. It was so emotional. I almost cried (I would've if I hadn't seen that VCR already. I cried hard the first time I saw it okay I'm not that heartless). My favourite part of Sing For You was the way Kyungsoo went to our side of the stage and sat at the edge just swaying left and right, smiling and waving at us. He looked so small from there and adorable and it makes me want to hug him. I also noticed Yixing's eyes brimming with tears and his voice wavered a little. *my heart hurts* After that SFY stage, they said to hold up the banner (they noticed it, what a success!) and PCY said something about how it was something he had said before (IDK which event he's implying tho lol).

Everyone started to sing happy birthday to Xiumin during their last ment (Sehun was talking at that moment and being the sassy ass he is, he sported this betrayed face). They were kinda confused and asked who it was for and when they realised it was for Minseok they said "eyy it's too far" but then they said "since we couldn't celebrate together, we'll celebrate now" and then we sang along with them. Minseok looked like a kid - he was so happy and excited (I would be too if I were me like so what if it's for my 26th birthday). The project wasn't approved to be honest, but we did it anyway and EXO even joined the bandwagon. You EXO-Ls are such rebels, I love you guys. After that they sang Unfair for the final stage and they even took random stuff from the fans - PCY donned a dog mask wtf and Sehun took dolls and wore a Finn the human cap. They even played with the fans up front I'm so jealous. <and this is where my recording ends>


The next day I woke up with a barely audible voice and I only regained it after two weeks (I screamed that hard lol). I think I got the worst among all five of us since I was already coughing. No regrets tho. We also went to SPAO in Pavilion and I got a backpack (which I desperately needed a new one) and a laptop bag. And since my purchase was well over RM80, I got a poster and a postcard. There were seriously so many people and the queue went outside of the shop (at least it's still inside Parkson so). And never in my 19 years of life has it crossed my mind that I will one day take a picture with a wall in a clothing store packed with people and that there are other people waiting for their turns to take a picture after me. But it happened guys. Sai has finally lost her shame. EXO took it back with them to Seoul. After that Iffa and I went back to the airport to catch our flights.

SPAO, Pavilion

It's not even supposed to be a tourist attraction......

That was the best weekend getaway I've had to date. And I didn't really tell people that I went all that way apart from those who figured out from Twitter. Even Phell thought I was only tweeting from streaming (she only found out like three days after that). Even a week after I was approached by a classmate who asked me if I actually really went to see EXO. I'm starting to fall in love with the thought of leaving without much people knowing and come back with so much to tell. I will do this again, trust me.

Thoughts: This is my first real concert (and a kpop one no less) so I don't really have much to compare with other than the small Royal Pirates showcase I went to last year and fancams from TEL in other places and other videos of non kpop concerts I've seen. And I don't know if that has set my standards and expectations way too high because trust me, I don't think I will be satisfied if it isn't EXO. I remember watching their live performances on music shows with shaky voices and reading harsh comments about how they were unable to sing live. But that night, I saw them dance and heard them sing 27 songs without fault. And that can only be achieved from hours of practice and experience. They're still quite new in the industry but they have gone through so much. And even though I didn't start out with them from day one, I am honoured to be a part of them long enough to understand what it takes for them to be able to stand on that stage and give such powerful performances.

My judgment may be biased and clouded over the fact that I love them. And I've had people ask me how I can be willing to spend so much money on these people who don't even know me. How could I not love them when they are one of the reasons why I'm still standing strong right now? There was a moment in my life where things were falling apart and watching them through my screen joking around made me laugh. Their songs blocked out the world when I was afraid to fall asleep because I was scared of what I could hear. Maybe it's just coincidence because I started to like them around that time but how can I not love them when they basically helped me through that phase where I didn't even want to exist? I'm sorry if this is too emotional but that's what it is. I love EXO and I'm going to keep supporting them even if they're still convinced people will keep leaving them.

If you got this far, thank you for reading. I wrote this because I wanted to have something to remind me of the concert even though it's already been four weeks since the actual thing. But I wanted this to be proof that I really was there. So that the next time I go to see them, I can be reminded of the first time I saw them. Does that make sense? They're gonna be having their comeback soon since the tour is over. Do I need a separate savings account for EXO or something lol (I'm serious tho).

We are one. EXO saranghaja.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Sai out.

photocreds: Dila and Emy <3

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